What The Hell Wednesday ~ 29

Wednesdays are great for Wordless and Wordful posts, but we decided to go a different route and create our own Wednesday fun. We figured what the hell. That’s how we started What The Hell Wednesday. Who are we kidding? That’s pretty much how we decide on almost everything. If you want to play along, grab our button on the sidebar, link up to us in your post and don’t forget to sign in to McLinky below. Really, what the hell?


What The Hell Mother Nature? What. The. Hell? April 27, 2010 and you give us snow? You crazy bitch!

Yes, those are supposed to be flames. There weren’t actually any flames involved, just a strong electrical burning smell, a black spot on the inside of the microwave and the microwave door started to melt, but no actual flames. What the Hell Sears? We didn’t know we were buying the Kenmore microwave that self destructs and is a fire hazard. So now we need to buy a new microwave and it’s just not in the budget right at this time. It’s like living in the stone age, heating things on the stove sucks! Not only does it take longer, there are more things to wash and if you know me, you know how much I truly hate to wash dishes by hand.

The other day I came home from errands and as I walked through the basement I noticed a large puddle on the floor. I was all like What The Hell?? When in hell did the stupid dog come downstairs and wet all over the floor. As I’m looking at this giant puddle I’m thinking ‘I don’t remember him drinking this much water? How in hell did he pee this much?’ I’m all set to go upstairs and yell at the dumb dog when I realize that the puddle is actually from a leak in the dehumidifier. Oops! At least I figured it out before I yelled at the dog.

We came out of the grocery store a couple of nights ago and there was a woman getting to her car at the same time. She was parked in the spot in front of us. She stopped at her door and started making clicking noises and shooing motions with her hands. All of a sudden 2 cats jumped up at the window and started climbing all over the seats. What The Hell Lady?? Why the hell are you driving with cats???? Obviously, I saw my first confirmed crazy cat lady. We watched her drive off with a cat on the dashboard and another in her lap looking out the window. We made sure to stay waaaaaaay behind her. My husband looked at me and said “She should get pulled over for DUIC.” For those of you wondering what DUIC is…Driving Under The Influence of Cats. I wonder if there is a need for a group called MACC.. Mothers Against Cats in Cars.


If you’ve ever watched Hoarders you know those people are crazy.  Well driving home from work today I saw a Car Hoarder!  Actually I don’t know the correct name, but he was driving a blue Chevette, and the whole back of the car was filled with trash, plastic bags, etc.  I mean to the very top of the ceiling!  What The Hell??  If this guys car looks that bad, I can only imagine what his house looks like!!  What, did you run out of room in your house so you started hoarding in your car?  The whole car looked like it was dragging on the ground it was so full!  And it was a Chevette!!

I know I mentioned the new show called “Baggage” the other day.  Well, I finally watched an episode the other day.  Jerry Springer hosts it, one person is looking for a date, and the potential dates have to reveal “baggage” about themselves.  The show I watched had 3 okay looking guys, but this is what their baggage was: #1-“I pee in the sink”, #2-“I have a small penis”, and #3-“I have cheated on all my girlfriends”.  WHAT THE HELL???  Run woman run!!!  That’s what you have to choose from???  I think you’re better off being single!!  And guess who she got rid of?  Small fry!  She ended up picking the “pee in the sink guy.”  I’m sure he’s a winner..

My youngest had baseball practice last night, and it was raining.  When I came back to pick him up, it started down pouring, like buckets, and wind!  I walked all the way over to the batting cages and there he is with his brand new bat hitting pitches.  All the kids around me are yelling, screaming and running to their parent’s car.  But my child is not even flinching, he has the biggest grin on his face as he practices hitting with his bat.  There I stood looking like a drowned rat watching this little 9 year old who didn’t have a care in the world, focused on hitting that ball.  So I stayed there in the rain watching him…..What The Hell right?  It’s only rain, and he was just so damn adorable!!

Now let’s go from a cute story, to an annoying one.  My 11 year old was over a friend’s house the other day.  He called home and asked me this question, “Mom, can we swing by and pick up some fireworks?”, Yes we have fireworks, we live in NH, it’s legal to have fireworks, although it’s not legal to light them off in our town.  Anyways, I told him, “NO”, he argued with me a few more times and then he said, “Well is Dad there?  Why can’t I talk to him, and have him answer me?”  WHAT THE HELL child???  After my head spun around and pee soup came spewing from my mouth I said, “NO, you can’t talk to Dad because I said NO to you, and even if I put Dad on the phone he would say NO to you too, and do you think that’s it’s okay to go ask Dad because I said NO??” There was a long pause, then he made a noise like our cat does when it has a hairball and said, “fine.”