Random Tuesday Thoughts

If it’s Tuesday, this must be, Random Tuesday Thoughts. It’s brought to you by Keely at The Un-Mom. She really knows how to rock Tuesdays so go and check her out and tell her the Blue Monkey Butt sisters sent you!


I used to have Netflix, but when my son started baseball I cancelled it, in lieu of going to the gym.  So I have gone back to Redbox, which is fine, except that they don’t always have the movies that come out.  What I mean is, a movie is released on DVD on a Tuesday (which is weird but whatever), but the Redbox says it won’t come out until next month.  Um, why?  I could go buy it at Walmart, but I don’t want to buy it, I want to rent it.  What’s up with that Redbox?

My reaction to LOST last night…um…..wait….WHAT???  And today I talked with other people that watched it, and we came to the conclusion that the people died on the airplane when it originally crashed, and they were stuck in purgatory (the island), and Jacob was good, and his twin brother, Smokey was evil.  I actually went to write a post about it until I talked to Elle who then told me I was all wrong and they didn’t die in the original plane crash.  Um……wait….WHAT?????

Today at work it was someones birthday.  I was going to say Happy Birthday to her, but after the conversations I kept hearing, I decided against it.  This is how the conversations played out, “Oh I heard it’s your birthday today, Happy Birthday, are you doing anything fun?”  her-“Well I have my period so no I won’t be doing anything fun”, or “Well it’s my time of the month, so no I won’t be doing anything fun”.  Why don’t you just go with, “gee thanks.”  Since I heard this exact conversation 3 times I decided against wishing her a happy birthday!  Ugh.  TMI!!!

For those of you who visited us last week, you know our neighbors still have their wreath up.  It’s been up since Thanksgiving.  Today I took a picture of it.  My husband still says every night, “the wreath’s still up”.  Yes, yes it is…











I admit it. I kind of enjoyed ruining her whole “Lost” theory.

I still think Stacy is paying the neighbor to leave up the wreath just to annoy her husband.

We finally are hitting the big time. We got our first angry ranting email. Woohoo! The writer was upset with my recent password protected post. She was super upset about it….geesh! Even Stacy wasn’t upset and I didn’t even give her the password. The post was meant for one person only and then I was going to take it down. Now I might just leave it up and piss more people off. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want!

Okay, I’m happy that winter seems to be gone and we did open our pool this weekend, and by we, I mean my husband. But here is my first complaint about how hot it is. I don’t like it too cold or too hot and right now we’re bordering on too hot. Our house was built in the 1950’s and we don’t have central air. I know! How do I cope? We have those big noisy window units, but when it gets in the high 80’s I wouldn’t care if they sounded like a jet engine on take off as long as they cool off the house. I seriously hate sweating. Looks like tonight I’ll have to help put them in. Crap, I’m gonna sweat before we turn those babies on.

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