Gift Cards & LL Bean

Last night it sounded like a great idea. My husband would get up early before work and head down to the Grand Opening of our new LL Bean store. He would snag a place in line to be one of the first 250 people and we would score a gift card anywhere between $10 and $500.  I love Beans! Before we moved to NY we made many shopping trips to Beans. I love their clothes, bags, well, basically everything. Now I have a little taste of Maine right up the street!

This morning, my bed was comfy and the AC was going so getting out of bed wasn’t a priority.  I texted my husband who had arrived a little before 7am. I’ll admit that part of me, the cozy in bed part, was hoping he’d say forget it.

Me: Anybody there?

Him: yupper. The person next to me is going to count. You might make it. I’ll let you know.cid__07090006571

Me: Yikes! Did u bring a chair?

Him: No but you should. So I’m 241 at this point.

Me: 241? That’s close.  I’ll bring a chair. So I gave up my cozy bed to sit in line for a chance to win an LL Bean gift card. Only because I’m such a fan of LL Bean. I wouldn’t wait in line for just any gift card you know.

I threw a Pop-Tart at J-Man and told Sissy I’d be back soon. In 5 minutes I was pulling into the parking lot and spotted my husband. I couldn’t believe the people that were in line behind him and they just kept coming. There were even people that set up a tent and camped there overnight. I switched places with my super spot saving husband and he went to work. By this time it was 7:45 and I only had to wait until 9.

I was in a good spot with some fun people and we were happy that our part of the line was in the shade. We all knew we were a little iffy on the whole gift card thing, but we stuck it out.  People from LL Bean came out and walked the line, talking to the crowd. They had employees handing out water to and there was a coffee cart with breakfast pastries for everyone. I was pretty impressed how they handled everything.

Just before 9 there was a bit of excitement. All we could figure out was some guy jumped the line and when the police intervened he got belligerent and the next thing I knew the crowd was cheering and he was getting arrested. Except for some reason he didn’t want to be arrested and put up a fight. After much yelling, swearing and wrestling he was escorted to the police car. I guess he really wanted an LL Bean gift card.

My husband was right. I was one of the first 250 and I got my gift card. I was super lucky and got $50. It was totally worth getting out of bed. Even after they handed out the first 250 cards there were still hundreds of people in line and LL Bean handed out $5 gift cards to them. Tomorrow they are giving away a kayak package and Sunday it will be a $750 back to school shopping spree! I’m so totally signing up for that.