Can I Blame it on Pocket Dialing?

Saturday night my husband discovered that I was eligible for a new phone upgrade on our plan. Next thing I know he’s heading out to the Verizon store to just look and then he came home with a new Palm Pre Plus for me. Of course I didn’t read the directions, I just started playing with it and then somehow I synced up my friends list from Facebook into the contact list of my new phone. Oops. I really didn’t mean to do that. Then as I was trying to edit the contact list the phone started dialing and I was calling Anne from Small Town Mommy at 11:30 at night! OMG!!! I was trying to hang it up but this was my first call on the freakin’ phone and it wouldn’t hang up. I can hear her voicemail and I’m saying “OHCRAPOHCRAPOHCRAPOHCRAP!” Finally it hung up but the damage was done. I could imagine waking up the whole Small Town Mommy household and then when Anne saw who called she’d be like “WTH?? Crazy internet stalker!” Sooooo if you are one of my FB friends and you get a random call it could be from me, at least until I get this new phone figured out.