CSI in the Morning

Nothing like a little CSI style blood spatter to get you awake in the morning. Sometime last night J-Man came into my room and said “I had a bloody nose again”. I woke up enough to ask him if he was okay. He said he was and that he he didn’t get any blood on his bed. I was like okay and immediately fell back to sleep.

After that he asked if he could sleep with me and I think I grunted an okay and that was that.

This morning I got Sissy on the bus and them went into J-Man’s room. Technically he was correct. He didn’t get any blood on his bed or even on his light colored carpet. Somehow he managed to get a bunch of it on the hardwood floor. There was even blood spatter on the wall! OMG! WTH?! Super mom strikes again! Here the poor kid is bleeding on the floor and I’m sound asleep, barely waking up when he comes in to say he has a bloody nose.

So what did I do? I took a picture of it before I cleaned it up so I can share it with my husband who is away on a business trip. I wouldn’t want him to miss out on all the fun at home. But because I’m nice I won’t be sharing the photo with you. You’re welcome!

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