This should be Titled What the Hell Tuesday!!


Tuesday was one long What the Hell kind of a day. It started with a headache that wouldn’t go away the whole day. It wasn’t a migraine I’m quite familiar with migraines. No, this stupid headache lasted all day and I still had it at 11pm last night. What the Hell?

Having the all day headache on top of the extra crazy busy day at work wasn’t exactly a picnic either. During my lunch break I planned to run to the mobile DMV office to renew my license. I drove the 15 minutes to get there only to be met with a paper sign on the door stating “The mobile DMV is closed today “. Seriously??? What the Hell
Now I have to try another location during my lunch break today. Grrrrr.

Since the mobile DMV wasn’t exactly mobile I decided to grab lunch. I usually am in such a hurry I’ll just grab McDonalds and eat in the car on my way back to work. I was near a Wegmans that had a Market Cafe and decided to grab something there. I got some lo mein and put some soy sauce on it and added a couple other things. I grabbed a drink and went over to pay. As I was juggling the my bag, the food, the drink, and my wallet, I dropped my wallet and everything fell out all over the floor. What the Hell???!!! I gathered everything up, paid and took my bag. As I picked up the bag, the soda rolled to the bottom causing my food container to tip thereby causing my soy sauce to spill all over the bottom of the bag. OMG! What the Hell??!! I had to put the bag down get a huge handful of napkins and take everything out and wipe it all down. I got a new bag and was finally back on my way muttering “I should’ve just gone to McDonalds”

Then at the end of the day I was late leaving work so I called and offered to just take everyone out for a burger then we would all go down to the canal to check out the cars there for cruise night and get an ice cream. Sounds pretty relaxing doesn’t it? As if! My offer wasn’t met with any great enthusiasm. I was told how late I was and then this. “There isn’t any toilet paper in the house! You have to have to go buy some. Nobody can go to the bathroom until you get home.” What the Hell??!! That’s a hell of a lot of pressure to put on someone.

So I went to the store first and then got a text from one of our daughters. “I don’t want to go to the burger place and I don’t want to go to the car show. Can you bring me home McDonalds? ” OMG!!

I finally get home with the much needed toilet paper and McDonalds food and as soon as I open the tunnel door everyone is standing there waiting and my husband says “C’mon let’s go! You have to take DD to Richmond. I can’t!” OMG!! What the Hell??!!!! (FYI Richmond is almost 500 miles away from my house.) Apparently I’m going to Richmond in a couple weeks. Sigh.

On the short drive to the burger place he is telling me all the reasons he can’t go. We get inside the burger place and he’s telling me all these things I have to do and my head was already spinning from everything that went on that day I said “I don’t want to talk about it now. I can’t even think!” I stood there ordering everyone’s food and couldn’t even think about what I wanted to eat at that moment. I didn’t order anything and my daughter seemed to be the only one who noticed I wasn’t having dinner. What the Hell??!!!

Before I went to bed last night I was wondering why my throat felt so sore and I finally realized it was from talking all day. I had been on the phone so much and talked to so many people, I had actually gotten a sore throat. Which made me think of the beagle I had growing up who got laryngitis because she barked so much. What the Hell??!! Just call me Ginger.


I had to contact customer service for one of my bills. I went online to chat with a live advisor. I let them know that I had scheduled a payment so that there wouldn’t be any interruption in service. Their response, “well you can hope for the best.” What the hell?? Hope for the best?? I’m letting you know that I scheduled a payment, there’s no crossing my fingers and hoping for the best! Then they had the nerve to say ” I hope this answered your question today, is there anything else I can help you with?” What the hell?? You didn’t answer my question or help me with anything!! Next month when they call me looking for payment I will be sure to tell them to hope for the best!!

I saw my old position advertised on craigslist. This was the posting, “Office Assistant for Accouting Dept.” What the hell? Someone can’t spell! Yeah that looks professional.

I did hear that my old job was offering my position at a higher pay rate. What the hell? And they wonder why people keep leaving…..

Camp was suppose to start Monday for Thing 2, both days have been canceled due to weather. What the hell Mother Nature? That kid needs to run around and get some energy out!