How To Train Your Dragon

DreamWorks - How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

Last night we were lucky enough to see this amazing show. “How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular” is based on the Dreamworks movie “How To Train Your Dragon” and is on it’s North American tour. Currently the show is in Buffalo, NY through Sunday September 23rd and tickets are still available.

Tickets are on sale now. If you plan on attending a weekday performance you can use the following promo code

SPECIAL OFFER….SAVE 25% on weekday performances (select premium seats), including Friday night, by entering the code MOM in the Promo Box. (This offer is good nationwide)

We had to get to the First Niagara Center early since we had one of the incredibly fun VIP Experiences that are available to add onto your tickets, in addition to the show, and really enhance your whole “Dragon” experience.

Part of the VIP Package is VIP Parking. I think this was my my husband’s favorite part. He loved that he could actually see our SUV from the front doors of the Niagara Center.

We checked in and were whisked upstairs by security to to the VIP Photo Line. Once inside we put on all sorts of Viking gear and had our photo taken. We looked pretty funny and had a great time. I haven’t had a chance to scan the photo yet, but I think it’s going to be my new Facebook profile picture.


Then we went over to the “Viking Hall” for a Hero’s Welcome from Hiccup and Astrid. We learned a few lines of “Dragonese” and some good dragon fighting moves. Then it was time to move onto the show.

I can’t say enough about how amazing the show is. The story follows the film version faithfully and it was incredible how they were able to make dragons fly, breath fire and come to life







After the show we moved down a few seats to front and center for “Dragons 101”. It was a great opportunity to learn all about the production and be amazed at the detail and technology that goes into a production of this magnitude. Kyle was our dragon expert and he did a great job. A couple of facts;

It takes 33 tractor trailer trucks to move all of the equipment needed for the show.

The show fits perfectly into hockey arenas but they have to make sure the ceiling is strong enough to hold over 170,000 pounds of equipment.

The show will be on tour until November 2014.

If “How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular” comes to your town, don’t miss this incredible experience.

We received tickets to the “How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular” and the VIP Experience to aid in my review. All thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are my own.