Observations from the Past Week

A few observations from my week.

Demin shorts that are the size of underwear can’t be comfortable. Seriously, they just can’t. I’m uncomfortable just looking at you in them.

It’s past time to vac your living room when you realize you don’t actually have shag carpeting you haveBerber.

Halloween Oreo cookies taste better than regular old any day Oreo cookies.

Telling me that you probably shouldn’t go to school today because the stomach bug is going around won’t be enough to keep you home but I admire your creativity.

And no, I don’t remember ever telling you that if you miss the bus Tuesday through Friday you would have to stay home. Again, good try.

Someone in Iowa totally Googled “Wolverine Smoothie”. Which, of course, brought them here . And I thought I was so clever making all that up and who the hell would actually drink a wolverine smoothie? Well, who besides my husband.

We’ve slipped down to the Number 2 spot when you Google “Mentally Defective Porn”. Such a shame, I admit I was a little proud we were Number 1 in “Mentally Defective Porn”. That’s not something you can say very often while still having all of your clothes on. Sigh.