Late Again! WTH?!

Wednesdays are great for Wordless and Wordful posts, but we decided to go a different route and create our own Wednesday fun. We figured what the hell. That’s how we started What The Hell Wednesday. Who are we kidding? That’s pretty much how we decide on almost everything. If you want to play along, grab our button on the sidebar, link up to us in your post and don’t forget to sign in to the linky below. Really, what the hell?


Late again! WTH??!! To top it off, I don’t have much to complain about this week.

I was grumpy at 5 am this morning because my husband woke me up. Between his snoring and stealing all the blankets I couldn’t get back to sleep. WTH??!! I did steal my share of the blankets back. I should’ve just gotten up and done my post then.

I could complain that Stacy hasn’t been around this week but since she’s moving and stuff, I’ll give her a break. This time anyway.

One of our cats has decided that she belongs on the dining room table while we are eating dinner. As soon as she jumps on the table, she lays down as flat as possible while still trying to be incredibly lump making it impossible to get a good grip on her since she weighs over 20 pounds. When I’ve finally managed to pick her up and put her into the living room, she runs past me and jumps on the table again. She’s surprisingly fast for her size. WTH??!! I know she’s up there whenever we aren’t home.

Yesterday there was a car fire on the street by my work. I can’t imagine how crazy that would be to just have your car catch on fire. I got to call 911 and thankfully nobody was hurt. Then I took a couple minutes to take some pictures.



I wasn’t quick enough to get the actual flames.