Family, Clydesdales, Beer & Fried Clams Randomness


I did it and it wasn’t easy. I left Penny the Wonder Dog with my parents. She’ll be very happy and spoiled there and from here on out I’m sticking to fostering kittens.

Penny the Wonder Dog

I guess that’s where they get the saying “puppy-dog eyes”. It would have been easier if she wasn’t barking for me as I left.

So now it’s a road trip back to NY and back to what amounts for normal around here. The kids are on vacation and so am I. Which is beyond awesome. My husband leaves for a business trip to Germany and China soon, which is decidedly not awesome. His business trips are a lot easier in the summer. I dread them when the kids are in school.

We did have a quick, fun visit to Massachusetts. My parents graciously welcomed all 5 of us, our 3 dogs, and their new dog Penny. It was a little crazy maneuvering them all around but it worked out.

We had a good time at Stacy’s house for the birthday party for our Dad and my daughter DD. We got to see her nice new place and meet her new puppy. The kids had fun with their cousins playing video games, of course.

Sissy really wanted to do something vacation-like while we were there and I was wracking my brain to come up with something fun and inexpensive. I remembered that the Anheuser-Busch Brewery was up in Merrimack, NH and they always used to have Clydesdales. A quick search on the Internet showed that they did indeed have Clydesdales and a brewery tour that was free! One of my favorite words, free not brewery, but free beer comes a close second. It was totally worth the hour drive and everyone wants to go again this summer. I took loads of photos and even a few notes for a blog post later this week. Brewing beer is actually pretty interesting. Who knew? The free samples at the end weren’t too shabby either.

Sissy was also pushing for a trip to our favorite seafood restaurant, Woodman’s. We weren’t planning on going, but really, it’s too hard to resist the allure of fried clams. Yes, it was delicious, all that fried food yumminess. Thank you to the staff at Woodman’s for putting up with us since we were your last customers of the evening and you were all anxious to get home. We’re lucky to get there once a year and its everyone’s favorite place to go. It was also totally weird to have the whole place to ourselves.

Beer at Woodman's of Essex

Fried Seafood Plate at Woodman's of Essex


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