Meow Monday

We have a new foster kitten at our house. Sissy named her Rosie. She’s about 5 weeks old and still pretty tiny.

This is Rosie the day we brought her home.

It didn’t take very long for us to figure out that little Rosie is deaf. It doesn’t bother her or stop her from doing anything and everything a curious kitten usually does. We just make sure we don’t startle her when she’s sleeping.

Here’s little Rosie helping me at work on Saturday.


Hop on over to see Oreo at Small Town Mommy. He’s usually doing something interesting for Meow Monday.

Which brings us to Eliza, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week. Eliza has been at Lollypop Farm since February and despite all of the love and attention she gets, she would love a home of her own. I love the Star Trek insignia on her face. It’s like she’s saying “Beam me up Scottie” or “Make it so”.


Eliza is a 5 year old female domestic shorthair with great markings! She came to Lollypop Farm because her family was not able to care for her. After some medical treatment, she’s doing fine and she’s ready to go to her new home. She has been supervising the staff in the Administrative offices since she’s not a fan of the cattery. We suggest she go to a home where she can be the only cat. Come ask to meet Eliza at our adoption desk. She’ll be right down to see you!