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Planes Fire & Rescue

When you think about heroes do you automatically think of super heroes? Someone who dramatically swoops in at the last-minute to save the day? Sure, I think of super heroes too, but I also think of every day heroes. What’s an everyday hero? An everyday hero is someone who make an effort to do their best each and every day.

I often think of my children as my everyday heroes. Don’t get me wrong, they are kids and there are some days they drive me crazy but then, turn around in the next second and melt my heart with something they’ve said or done. My son is Mr. Thoughtful. He is quick to say “I love you” and ask how my day is. He’s very tuned into everyone’s mood in the house and will try to cheer up anyone feeling a little blue. Our youngest daughter often comes and volunteers with me at work. She helps out during special events and in the gift shop. But what really makes them everyday heroes in my eyes is when they are kind and helpful to each other. I love when we are out at the store and J-Man picks out something for himself and then says “We need to get this for Sissy. She would love it.” He’s always so thoughtful of her feelings. When they headed back to school in the fall, Sissy went with J-Man to show him around the school and help him find all his classes. She gave him tips on what to avoid in the school cafeteria and which teachers were her favorites. They’ve been close since they were very little and I hope it continues.

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Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue is available on Blue-Ray Combo Pack and Digital HD Nov 4. In the thrilling comedy-adventure Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue, Dusty, a world-famous air racer, learns he may never race again. Dusty takes it hard and has to come to grips with some big changes in his life. He switches gears and jumps into the world of aerial firefighting. With loyal veteran firefighters in the air and on the ground Dusty is able to learn that friendship and teamwork are what it takes to be an everyday hero. Dusty and his friends will fly into your hearts, thrill you with adventure, and make your whole family laugh at their antics. Throughout it all is the theme of being an everyday hero and what it means. You can purchase a copy of Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue for your family here.

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Your family will love Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue and the message of being an everyday hero is one all families should emulate.

“This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Disney Planes Fire & Rescue blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.”