Where’s Rosie Meow Monday

Where’s Rosie?

The school play is this weekend and that means every day this week is a different theme for the cast and crew. Next is Decade Day and Sissy wants to dress up like the 50’s. She had a 50-ish costume from years ago, something I picked up at a yard sale during her dress up phase. Somehow she still fits into the costume, but the skirt wasn’t poofy enough. It took me a while to figure out what I could use, that we already had, to make the skirt poofy enough for Sissy. Finally, I remembered I still had the slip from my wedding dress. With a few alterations and some help from my trusty hot glue gun, I was able to poofify the dress.

Before I made the alterations, the slip was on my bed and the cats were fascinated by the whole thing. Rosie was especially intrigued and she crawled in and under the slip.


There you are Rosie!

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Harper Lee

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