My Dishwasher is Broken!!

I’m in full-on panic mode, my dishwasher is broken. My. Dishwasher. Is. Broken. I’ll just let that sink in for a moment. If you know me, you know how much I love my dishwasher. I even wrote a I Heart My Dishwasher post almost 7 years ago.  Well, it was our anniversary, you know, the anniversary of my dishwasher being installed.

You know it’s bad when you come home to this.

It’s that bad. Last night I was forced to wash dishes by hand. {{shudder}}. The inhumanity! We went out and bought an industrial size stack of paper plates to help get me through. A small forest was probably destroyed to make those paper plates, not to mention the greenhouse gasses that would have been unleashed into the environment when they were made, but damnit, washing dishes is a deal breaker.

My husband found the part that broke and began my ascent into washing-dishes-by-hand-hell. It’s less than $20 and supposedly on its way to us, hopefully by mid-week. Until then we’ll be eating sandwiches on paper plates made with disposable plastic utensils and drinking water out of the faucet.