Crap I Say To My Pets Every Damn Day 

Crap I say to my pets every damn day.

Stop licking my feet.

Stop licking my legs.

Seriously! Just stop!

Do you have some sort of foot fetish?

Why does your throw-up look like poop? Who does that?

I don’t remember feeding you that!

Well don’t eat it!!

Stop trying to get freaky with your sister.

Stop trying to get freaky with your brother.

Seriously, just stop!

Come here.

Stop spinning and come here.

Please stop spinning and get over here.

Fine! Spin this way!



I know the next door neighbor is smoking in their backyard but you need to be quiet.

I hate second-hand smoke too, but enough!

Seriously? Did you die from lung cancer in a previous life??

Awwwww, who’s a good dog?

I love you guys!

What do you say to your pets over and over and over and over and over?

Which brings us to Raspberry, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.


It’s raspberry season so, here’s Raspberry, a 2 year old female domestic shorthair who’s ready to be “picked” for adoption. Come meet her at Lollypop Farm!