Meow Monday Frankenpup 


It’s been a little hectic here over the past week. We went back to Massachusetts to spend Thanksgiving with my family and we had a wonderful time. But, as we were driving home, still 3 hours away, we found out that our little yorkie, Molly, had been attacked by two German shepherd/husky mixes. For about 30 minutes I didn’t know for sure if she was alive. It was the most horrible and helpless feeling. In the midst of all the calls and texts, and while I was helpless to do anything, my friends and coworkers dropped everything they were doing on their Sunday night to help Molly. We are so lucky and beyond grateful for everything and everyone who lended a helping hand. To the friends who came and checked her out, to the friend who was holding Molly and texted me a picture so I could see she looked so much better than I ever imagined.  To the friends who drove her to the emergency vet and to everyone who went to the emergency vet to make sure she was all taken care of and to everyone who texted and called me every step of the way so I would know what was going on. I’m thankful for every offer of help and for everyone who has checked in to see how how she is doing. I’m also grateful the owner of the dogs, who attacked Molly, paid for Molly’s surgery and care without hesitation. I wish it had never happened but I’ll never forget how everyone stopped everything to take care of our little pup. What a wonderful feeling to know we have such wonderful caring friends and coworkers. 

Molly is feeling much better and has started to get her bounce back. Now the issue will be keeping her still so she can heal. Her new nickname is Frankenpup. I can’t wait until the drain and the staple come out and I know she can’t wait until that damn cone of shame comes off. 

Here is Knighr, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week. 

Knight is a 7 month old male domestic longhair mix who is as black as he can be. As black as night as a matter of fact. He’s a handsome young man who deserves a second chance.