Pixie Dusted Emails 

March is the time of year when most people are looking forward to spring and the warmer weather. But, if you are a Disney obsessed blogger than you know spring brings more than just warm weather. It’s when the Pixie Dusted emails start to arrive for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. This year invitations were also sent out for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On-the-Road Event in New York City.  

I was beyond surprised, and honored,  to receive my own pixie dusted email invitation to the On-the-Road event. 


After my initial excitement over the invitation, my first thought was “Too bad I can’t go.”  Right now we have so much going on at home between work, the kids, and trying to sell our house that I couldn’t see any way I swing a trip to New York. Not to mention I may live in New York State but we are way  far away from the city, like 7 hours away. 

After a couple days of “I wish I could go” I started trying to figure out a way. The last thing I wanted to do was RSVP a no. So with a lot of planning. and a little help from friends and family for my confidence because this trip is waaaay outside my comfort zone, I booked train and hotel tickets. 

To make this adventure even more exciting, my daughter is tagging along for her very first trip to New York! With her graduating high school in June, this is the perfect way to get in some more mom and daughter bonding time.