Spiders Everywhere!

OMG! Spiders Everywhere!

Last night I encountered a wolverine in the back yard that almost attacked and me and my dogs, okay, maybe it wasn’t a wolverine, but still, it was creepy and scary as hell, so tonight I decided to take the dogs out the front door to avoid the killer wolverine. The dogs ran around, took care of business and I turned around to go back inside and that’s when I saw something above, and hanging from the door, a nest of baby spiders! Baby spiders everywhere!

Thousands of tiny baby spiders all over the door. Then the realization hit me that I had walked through the nest when I went outside – holy crap!! Instantly, I felt intensely itchy, like I’d been rolling around in a barrel of fiberglass insulation. Clearly those spiders were all over me. The only way back into the house was through that door. You can imagine my horror because it was horrifying!

OMG Spiders Everywhere!

If you come to visit you might not want to come to the front door. Just sayin’.