Fostering Meow Monday

We still have two of our foster kittens. The little calico is finally starting to warm up to the fact that being inside and having people feed her and play with her isn’t so bad. She’s still a bit timid so we are giving her another week before she goes up for adoption.

Our son has made the most progress with her. I admire his patience and all the time he’s taking with her.

This picture is from yesterday when she was helping him with Minecraft.

She’s such a pretty little girl.

Her brother is doing great, he’s a lot more social and looooooves to talk. Like, all the time. He has a lot to say.

For now, we are enjoying our foster kitten time. We’ll be taking a break from fostering after these two go back to Lollypop Farm. We’ll miss having kittens in the house but we need our guest room back and it will be nice to not have to wade through a sea of cats on the other side of the door every time we need to go in or out.

Speaking of Lollypop, meet our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week!

Ronnie #33827153

Ronnie is a 3-year-old female domestic shorthair mix. Don’t let that serious face fool you. Ronnie and all her cat friends at Lollypop

Farm want you to know that right now is the purrfect time to adopt a new kitty friend. Now through July 29, 2018, cats are $10, kittens are just $35, and senior cats are free to adopt. Come meet them all!

See the Lollypop Farm website for all the details!