Meow Monday Mystery

Last week we spent a few days back home in Massachusetts celebrating my dad’s 90th birthday. Which is pretty darn amazing.

We arrived home to find an blue envelope from and it was addressed to George Burton.

Envelope addressed to George burton

This is George Burton.

Cat wearing bow tie

This is what was in the package.

Yes, a catnip banana. Who knew George was pining for a catnip banana? I sure didn’t.

Now we are all wondering who sent a catnip banana to George or did he figure out how to shop online?

He does know how to do this, soooo, maybe?

The case of the catnip banana is a big mystery. I’ve never ordered anything from before. I manage the pet gift shop in our local humane society and I buy all my pet products there. Also, I can’t see myself ordering a catnip banana. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I tend towards more cute pet toys.

I will say, it was a big hit, so there’s that anyway.

Cat playing with catnip toyTwo cats playing with catnip toyCat playing with catnip toy

Meet Lale, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week. I can almost guarantee she won’t be doing any online shopping.

Tiger cat

Lale is a sweet 2-year-old kitty who is looking for a new home. She came to Lollypop Farm after being abandoned by her previous owner. She’s a sweet, calm cat who loves to be pet, and can’t wait to find a happy home to settle into. Stop by Lollypop Farm to meet Lale today! Learn more: