Random Tuesday

It’s Tuesday which means I can join Stacy for some blogging randomness.

This weekend was the first taste of really beautiful spring weather. Granted, it might snow tonight, but it was great while it lasted.

So, what did we do during this glorious weather? We all went to see Captain Marvel. I’m sure everyone went for the same reason we did.

Facebook post stating we went to captain marvel because there was a cat in the movie

Doesn’t everyone base their movie viewing choices based on if there is a cat in the movie or not?

We all agreed it was a great movie. Definitely a must see, even if cats aren’t your main reason to see a movie.

The spring weather did prompt my husband to set out the deck furniture and buy a new grill. I bought some bulbs I probably won’t ever plant and gave one of the dogs a haircut.

Such an exciting life we lead in our little culdesac.

Stacy Uncorked
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1 Response to Random Tuesday

  1. Elle!! So great to see you on Random Tuesday! You’ve been missed!

    And I literally laughed out loud on the fact you went to see Captain Marvel because there’s a cat in it… now I’m gonna have to go watch the previews again. 😉 I want to see that as well – maybe that’ll convince Princess Nagger to see it with me – because of the cat!! 🙂

    I hope your spring weather holds out (and no more snow). I’m waiting until the deluge of rain decides to lighten up before pulling out my deck furniture – our outdoor mouser kitties are waiting impatiently for me to put the cushions back on the furniture so they can sleep their days away in comfort again. 🙂

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