National Dog Day Meow Monday

The nerve of National Dog Day falling on Meow Monday. Don’t they know that cats don’t like to share the spotlight?

Our two little dogs don’t know it’s National Dog Day which is probably a good thing because I didn’t get them anything. I didn’t even realize it was National Dog Day until I saw dog pictures all over Facebook. Oops, bad dog mom.

These are our two little dogs, Molly and Perry. Molly’s the boss and Perry is the yes man.

Yorkie wearing patriotic dress

White shi tzu in car

Our National Dog Day celebrations is going to be pretty low-key. They’ll enjoy time napping on their beds, Molly will go outside and bark at nothing, and Perry will spin in circles because that’s how he rolls. I’ll hand feed Perry the chewy bits in his food bowl because if I don’t Molly will eat them first. That’s how she thinks being the boss works, and since he’s the yes man, he lets her. Then he looks super sad because all the best chewy bits are gone and he has to eat the crappy kibble.

How are you planning to celebrate National Dog Day?