Saying Goodbye to our Snuffy

If you’ve followed this blog, or Snuffy’s Instagram account, then you know how special Snuffy was. Saying goodbye to our Snuffy was just heartbreaking. If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know how much it hurts.

He’s been gone for a almost a month now, and I still can’t bear to put his dishes away. So there they sit, in the hallway. His little water bowl and the planter we used to elevate his food dish to make it easier for him to eat.

Saying Goodbye Small bowl and empty planter

Eventually, they’ll get moved. Probably within the next week since we have some special little guests visiting soon. And that will be that.

But, it won’t be, I’ll miss that funny-faced little boy forever. You don’t have a cat for 20 years and get over his loss in a few weeks. There will never be another cat like Snuffy.

Saying Goodbye to Snuffy Black and white cat on pink and white couch

I try to focus on how lucky we were to have him in our lives for 20 years. He had so many adventures, like being in the high school play, going for walks on his leash, going on vacation to Massachusetts with us, shopping at Target, and hanging out at Fairport Brewing Company with his friend Kira.

Saying Goodbye to Snuffy Black and white cat  sitting next to a Black and Tan dog outside at a brewery

And, being the poster boy for the Lollypop Farm Gala.

Saying goodbye to snuffy Poster for Lollypop farm Gala  picture contains a black and white cat, a white goat, a bald dog, a white and brown dog, and a rat.
Photo credit Walter Colley

He considered everyone and every other animal as his best friend. Anytime anyone came over, no matter if they were friends visiting, or a contractor doing work, they were there to see Snuffy. He greeted everyone at the door because clearly they were there to shower him with pets.

The grief you experience over the loss of a pet is very real and can be devastating. Are you are struggling with pet loss, there are support groups available to help.

If you’re local to the Rochester, NY area, you can sign up to attend the Pet Loss Support Group at Lollypop Farm. If you’re not local, or don’t feel up to a group setting, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine offers a Pet Loss Support Hotline. You can also reach out to your local humane society to find a pet loss support group near you.

We all wish our pets had longer lives because losing them is so hard. The joy and companionship our pets give us more than outweighs the pain of their passing. It’s a testimony to the love we have for them no matter how long we have them in our lives.