Social Distancing Day 4

Social Distancing Day 4
We made it through Social Distancing Day 4. We’ve settled into a routine, even our senior. We checked on him this morning and he was already working on school assignments. I ended up not working today and it was a nice break. I realized that I’ve been busy pretty much non-stop since late February and really needed to just take some time to process everything. Oh, and to take a nap. 
We took a walk around our neighborhood after the workday. Our senior declined to go, but he did think about it for a few moments before saying no. I told him he would have to come with us next time. So the 3 of us set out. We live in a pretty quiet neighborhood, but the lack of cars was unusual. It was nice to see a few others out walking their dogs and another couple sitting out on their front porch. We all exchanged waves and hellos from a properly safe distance. It did feel good to get out and get some fresh air.
It’s lovely to see the green leaves poking out of the ground, knowing that blooming daffodils, hyacinth, and daffodils aren’t far behind. It helps to see and hear signs of spring.
Social Distancing Daffodil leaves poking out of the ground
Today the governor has asked nonessential companies to reduce their workforce to no more than 25%. All of our restaurants are operating on a take-out basis only, offering beer and wine to go with your orders. Just a short time ago, California announced they are requiring all residents to stay home unless they are on essential business. Effectively putting the entire state on lockdown. More and more stores have decided to close for two weeks. On a good note, it seems a lot of them are paying their employees for those two weeks. 
Facebook is a mix of upbeat posts, memes with a side of gallows humor, and angry posts complaining about the current situation. So, I guess it isn’t much different except that the overwhelming theme is the Corona Virus. 
I think back to last week and weekend when it first started to feel like this was going to be something big. If this were a movie, than this past weekend would’ve been the part in the plot where people start to realize something is wrong but don’t really grasp the enormity of it all. 
Today I am grateful for our friends and family. 
Stay safe everyone.