Social Distancing Day 6

Social Distancing Day 6

Social Distancing Day 6 wasn’t terribly different from other Saturday’s. My husband went grocery shopping early this morning. Hitting up Aldis and Wegmans. He did FaceTime with me during his Wegmans trip. It was nice to get out of the house even if it was a virtual trip and I mostly saw the ceiling.

Later in the afternoon we picked up our grocery order from Walmart. The Walmart associates decided they were coming to our house for Easter, but in a socially distancing kind of way. I may have bought way too much Easter candy. But, no one wants to run out of chocolate during a pandemic and the Easter Bunny still will come. Even if our kids aren’t technically kids anymore. Now we are set to stay inside for at least the next week.

Then I took a 3 hour nap with the cats. Not like there was a lot of other things going on.

Tomorrow my plan is to get some baking done. I’m going to light the fireplace and bake some pumpkin bread. I’m also thinking of watching Hocus Pocus. If the Hallmark Channel can show Christmas movies all weekend, I can pretend it’s pumpkin spice season and watch my favorite movie. All bets are off right now.

Nothing has really changed here. Italy had a horrible death toll in the past 24 hours and it seems that all the news is bad. The best thing we can do is to keep up the social distancing but continue to reach out to friends, family, and neighbors. Just to know someone cares and is thinking of you helps a lot.

Today I’m grateful for my cats who are champion nappers.

Social Distancing Close up photo of a cat sleeping

Take care of each other.