5 Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day While Social Distancing

5 Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day While Social Distancing

Looking for something to do today? How about 5 ways to celebrate National Puppy Day while social distancing.

1. Watch Movies with a Dog Theme

Who doesn’t love dog themed movies? If you have Disney+ you can have a lot of dog themed movies to stream.

One of my personal favorites,  101 Dalmatians

 101 Dalmatians puppies ©️Disney+

Or Lady & the Tramp

5 ways to celebrate national puppy day while social distancing photo contains lady and the tramp©️Disney+

The older kids will enjoy Togo.

5 way to celebrate national puppy day. Photo is movie poster for Togo. Contains a dog and a man and snow ©️DisneyPlus

Or how about a flashback to 2002 and watch Snow Dogs

5 ways to celebrate national puppy day while social distancing photo of movie poster for Snow Dogs with Cuba gooding jr ©️Disney+

2. Bake Dog Treats for Your Favorite Pup

Dog treat recipes abound on Pinterest, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding several easy recipes to try out. I’m going to try this recipe from Stephanie at Spaceships and Laser Beams

3. Don’t Have a Dog? Bake Bone-Shaped Cookies for Your Family

photo may contain cookie dough and rolling pin

If you don’t have a favorite cut out cookie recipe, Pinterest can help you out. Don’t have a bone shaped cookie cutter, try cutting them out free hand. I’m sure the kiddos would love to help out. Have a contest for who makes the best bone. Once they’re done slather on some vanilla icing and you’re good to go.

4. Read Books with a Dog Theme

Everyone has at least one dog themed story at home. Some of our favorites for the younger kids include

“The Poky Little Puppy” by Janette Sebring Lowery.

The Poky Little Puppy Golden Book

One of our very favorite Golden Books.


“Clifford the Big Red Dog” by Norman Bridwell. Always a classic.

Clifford the Big Red Dog Book

5. Donate to Your Local Shelter, Humane Society, or Rescue

Depending on the restrictions in your area, you might not be able to visit your local shelters right now. Also, a lot of shelters have put temporary restrictions in place regarding donations of used items. You can head to their website and see if they have an Amazon Wishlist. Usually, you can find items to donate that will fit any budget. This is a great way to help out the shelters and the animals in their care right now. Of course, if you prefer, you can always make a monetary donation in any amount. Unsure of where to donate? Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester is a wonderful organization working hard during this crisis to help homeless animals in our community.

It wouldn’t be National Puppy Day if I didn’t add photos of our pups!

There you go, 5 Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day While Social Distancing.

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