Social Distancing Day 9

Social Distancing Day 9
Social Distancing Day 9. Finally, I’m feeling better. It’s only been 2 weeks, but who’s counting. My tiny office setup in the corner of the family room has its perks. I did end up lighting the fireplace today. At least I can be cozy while I’m working. 
Photo contains desk next to fireplace how we social distance day 9
The weather is still too cold to really enjoy going out. At least for me. Although, I remember a time when it didn’t matter how cold it was because every day after school I spent hours skiing. We had a ski area near our house and in the winter I spent all my spare time there. Now, I’m so not a fan of the cold and can’t wait for warmer weather. We still be may be social distancing, but I can take my convertible for a drive.
The highlight of today was a video chat with my team. It was so absolutely wonderful to see and hear them. Although we chat through messenger and Google Hangouts, it’s not the same. It was definitely a bright spot in my day.
Other than that, it’s more of the usual, working from home, laundry, dinner, and taking care of everything else. It does seem to feel like the movie Groundhog Day the longer this goes on.
More and more cases are reported every day. There is some pushing from the president and his friends, to get the country back to work, never mind the virus, never mind the death toll, it’s old people anyway, the economy seems to be more important than people’s lives. I truly hope it doesn’t come to that. I don’t love this social distancing, but I feel like it’s saving lives by slowing the spread. 
Tomorrow, I have to go in to work to grab a few things then head back home. It’s going to be weird to be there with hardly any staff. I haven’t been back in over two weeks because I was on vacation then sick, then working remotely. 
That’s it for today. Nothing exciting or funny to add. Just tired.
Take care of each other.