Social Distancing Day 11

Social Distancing Day 11

So, here we are, social distancing day 11. I can’t help but wonder how many days we will need to do this.

The sameness of each day is boring and we’ve remarked that some days feel like we’re in the movie Groundhog Day. Except we don’t get Bill Murray and it’s not as funny.

Today we mixed it up by going for a walk at lunchtime instead of after work. We passed different people and saw two white fluffy little dogs and a couple of yellow labs. So, that was exciting.

I have a few Easter decorations out but I don’t really feel like putting out more. We already have the candy unless we lose our minds and eat it all

Little chick wearing bunny ears

The news is still pretty much the same. More cases of people testing positive each day. Trump and his followers are still talking about getting back to normal and encouraging people to go back to work. I haven’t seen any reputable reports from any health officials who think it’s a great idea.

Today I’m grateful for cozy flannel sheets because it’s still cold here!