Social Distancing Day 12

Social Distancing Day 12

So, social distancing day 12? How was it for you? Just going awesome here. And by awesome, I mean it sucks.

I feel ridiculous saying that, but it’s the truth. We’ve all seen those inspirational posts on Facebook telling us how lucky we are that we have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and we’re surrounded by the ones we love. Yes, that’s great, and I truly appreciate that every day, but you can have all those things and still feel anxious, isolated, and alone. You’re basically saying people have it worse than you so you don’t deserve to feel bad about your situation. Well, that sucks. Feeling down or stressed about what’s going on doesn’t take away from anyone else’s experience. You’re allowed to feel that way.

Stepping off my ranty soapbox for tonight.

We started out the day with an early morning shopping trip to Walmart. It wasn’t too crowded and the shelves were more stocked than a couple weeks ago. We opted for self-checkout, feeling it was safer. With everyone home, we go through a lot more food and snacks than we used to.

Social Distancing day 12 snacks and pantry items

We did get another walk in tonight. Sometimes I really don’t feel like going but push myself to go anyway. I know I’ll feel better afterwards and I tell myself it will help me get ready for all the walking I’ll do when I get back to Disney World. Not that I have a trip planned, but the thought helps motivate me. Whatever it takes, right?

Last night I thought it would be a fun idea to add what dogs we are on our walks each day in these posts. Of course, no dogs today.

We started binge watching The Amazing Race. It’s one show we always enjoyed as a family. I didn’t realize it premiered in 2001. Seeing the contestants use phone books and pay phones is pretty funny. All of the seasons of The Amazing Race are available on Amazon Prime.

All schools in New York State are closed until April 15th. I feel like it will be longer. New York City has been hit the hardest. There are shortages everywhere for PPE for health providers and people on the front lines. We’ve officially hit over 100,000 cases in the U. S.

Today I’m grateful for the ability to stream almost anything we want to watch.

Take care of each other.