Social Distancing Day 13

Social Distancing Day 13
Tin with  a cat design

Saturday, Social Distancing Day 13. In some ways it was like a regular Saturday. We had to grab some prescriptions and a few more groceries. Now we are set for the week but could avoid the store for two weeks if needed.

Except we didn’t buy any ice cream and after this impulse buy, we’re going to need it.

Box of Godiva molten lava cake mix

I did a little work then took a 3 hour nap. Because why not?

Earlier today, my husband said my posts were depressing. It’s a little hard to be funny all the time during this pandemic. I’ll try to step it up in the humor during global pandemics department.

I agree a sense of humor is important during any trying time. It makes it easier to get through if you can laugh about things. Some of the memes and tweets going around the internet are hilarious and I love how clever people are.

Meme of jaguar leaping on a man inside a house text says Government: work from home Busch Gardens Tampa Zookeepers:

We watched a couple more episodes of the first season of The Amazing Race. it seems like there were a lot less rules than they have now. Also, I think the angry guy throwing a temper tantrum on the Eiffel Tower wouldn’t be tolerated now. Especially after he starts kicking the wall of the platform because he can’t find the clue. Talk about a sore loser.

Because of my “depressing posts” I’ll avoid listing statistics. Just know that everything is bad and it’s on the brink of getting worse.

Today, on Social Distancing Day 13, I’m grateful for lazy Saturdays.

Take care of each other.