Social Distancing Days 14 & 15

Social Distancing Days 14 & 15

I’m combing Social Distancing Days 14 & 15 into one post. Hey, the days seem to just be one big blur anyway.

If you’re local to the Rochester, NY area, here’s a link to an article listing a bunch of different businesses who will deliver alcohol right to your door. Making it easy to stay home and practice your social distancing. How’s that for helpful?

The weather is still cold and I really just need it to be about 20 degrees warmer. Is that too much to ask?

Yesterday, Mabel spent an hour or more just staring out the front door. Now I know how indoor cats feel. I’m like “same Mabel, same”.

calico cat looking out the door

I almost forgot until I saw it on the calendar. Our senior has spring break next week. So, basically, nothing will change except I won’t nag him about school work.

Things are still sucky and mostly bad news.

Today I’m grateful for cats. They’re awesome at social distancing and just chilling. Something we all need.