Social Distancing Day 16

Social Distancing Day 16

Social Distancing Day 16 is more of the same. It’s been gray, cold, and yucky the past few days and that doesn’t help anyone’s mood. We need some sunshine and warm weather. George is a little skeptical about the whole social distancing thing.

George the orange cat looking skeptical

I was able to hook up a huge monitor to my laptop so now I’m not straining my eyes to look at my remote desktop. Thanks to my husband for finding the right cable I’d need for my MacBook. I don’t want to give in to reading glasses just yet so, yay!

Tonight we asked our daughter to sew some masks for us. I admit, a mask is something I never thought I would ever wear in public, but here we are. I requested a Disney fabric I know she has in her fabric stash.

A sign of spring, my husband is calling the insurance company to get our convertibles back on the road. Even though we can’t go anywhere, we can still go for a drive. I’ve missed my fun car!!

In streaming news, we are watching Picard on CBS All Access thanks to their free month promo. We are 4 episodes in and it gets a thumbs up from us. It’s something new but with a touch of nostalgia mixed in for Star Trek The Next Generation. We are going back and forth between Picard and the first season of The Amazing Race. Thank goodness for streaming!

The news is still depressing. The U.S. has passed China for the most Covid-19 cases. Schools are closing for longer periods. I wonder how they will handle graduation for our senior this year.

Today I am grateful for a husband who is an amazing cook. Tonight’s dinner was Chicken Parm and it was amazing. Bonus, leftovers for tomorrow night and that means no cooking for me!

That’s it for Social Distancing Day 16. Take care of each other.