Social Distancing Day 17

Social Distancing Day 17

Social Distancing Day 17 was just another “new” normal day. I spent the day at my tiny desk in the corner of the family room working from home. My husband was at his “desk”, the dining room table and our senior was in the office doing school work.

Jezebel the cat sitting on my desk

We went for a drive after work which was the highlight of our day. My husband had to grab something off his desk at work while I stayed in the car. At least the sun was shining and the car was nice and warm.

Then it was leftovers for dinner and watching Survivor. The sameness of the days are monotonous so we need to find a way to mix it up a little. But, this week was easier than last week. I guess that means we are adjusting to our new “normal”. We’re going to be like mole people adjusting to the sun when we finally get together in groups again. Socially awkward mole people.

Yes, the news is still bad. There are recent threats against Dr. Fauci, which is crazy pants. Cruise ships with sick and healthy passengers not allowed to dock anywhere. I can’t even imagine how trapped those people must feel.

Today I am grateful that we visited my parents and had both our oldest daughters and our grandchildren stay with us in February and early March. I don’t know when we will get to see everyone again.

Social distancing day 17. Take care of each other.