Random Tuesday Thoughts ~ TMI

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Well I’m still on the pain meds, but not as much, so I should make sense to everyone today, I think last week everything I wrote only made sense in my head, or if you were also on morphine like me.  Speaking of pain meds, did you know that when you are on them they make your face/skin itchy?  This was a little tidbit I learned from Officer McHottie at the D.A.R.E.class I went to.  They also make your pupils huge, or really small, not sure which one, I didn’t pay attention really well.  Anyways, they do make you itch, so there I was on high doses of pain meds scratching my face like an addict going through their Intervention on A & E.  “No, I don’t what y’all are talking ’bout, I don’t need rehab, I’m fine” (scratch, scratch, scratch)

When I got home from the hospital my dear husband went grocery shopping for the first time in probably 10+ years (no joke).  He went about it a little different than I do, and our boys now prefer him doing the shopping.  Here is some of what he bought:2 packages of Chips Ahoy snack packs, 2 packages of Jello Pudding, 2 boxes of Oatmeal Cookies, 1 box of frosted cookies from the bakery, 2 boxes of Tin foil, 1 Family size box of Rice Krispie Treats, 1 package of hamburg, 5 lbs of cheese, 1 package of chicken thighs, a years supply of toilet paper, and a half a years supply of paper towels.

One perk of this surgery, I am only able to wear comfy, soft elastic waist pants.  One downside is the inability to do things myself, for example vacuuming is a no no.  For 6 weeks it’s a no no.  Yea right 6 weeks with 2 boys, 1 husband, 1 dog and 1 cat!  So today I had T vacuum their playroom.  He was vacuuming the couch and yells “Mom it’s not working”,I look in and see him hitting the vacuum hose on the couch up and down, like he’s beating up the couch.  Hello?  Of course it’s not working, you’re using it like a baseball bat!!!!  This is a boy that can do algebra, but vacuuming…no!  His future wife is going to hate me if I don’t start educating him on the ins and outs of housework!

On Friday I go back to the dr. for my check up and to find out if I can start driving.  Too bad my dr. called me today with my lab results and said, “Okay I’ll see you in 2 or 3 weeks to see how you’re doing”, to which I said, “um, no I have an appointment on Friday”, silence…..”okay, I’ll see you on Friday”.  Not too swift, but whatev.  Oh yea my point…sorry, so when I go on Friday I better weigh less than I did before my surgery…I mean c’mon, I’m short an ovary, a uterus, a cervix, and a bunch of endometrial growth, that has to weigh something.


I don’t know if anyone is still reading this after Stacy’s TMI post. I’m seriously hoping you weren’t eating while reading about endometrial growths.

They finally delivered my new washing machine on Monday. Sears was supposed to deliver it on Sunday and we paid a whole $10 extra for the Sunday delivery. They called and left a message that they would be there between 11:15 and 1:15. By 2pm we figured out they weren’t coming. So Mitch called them and got some lady in India who told him that it wouldn’t be delivered until Monday.  Thanks for letting us know. It was especially frustrating for me because I had hurt my back the day before and I was waiting for them to come so we could go to urgent care. Then they didn’t even show up. We did go back to Sears and spoke to the salesman who sold the washer to us. He called and verified when they were coming and got us a $40 gift card for the inconvenience.

We did go to urgent care which is always a fun experience. I like to look around and try to guess what each person is there for. There were a couple of sick kids, a big guy holding a bloody towel up to his ear because his earring got ripped off, a lady with a sprained ankle (that’s usually me, I’m a champion ankle sprainer) and some guy with jock itch. I only know about the jock itch because when we were in the exam room we could hear the doctor talking about it. I swear. So after a quick exam I had a prescription for Flexeril and Vicodin and we were on our way. I’m hoping it gets better before out trip to Massachusetts because sitting is the most painful and the car ride is about 7 hours. That’ll be fun.