What The Hell Wednesday~51

Wednesdays are great for Wordless and Wordful posts, but we decided to go a different route and create our own Wednesday fun. We figured what the hell. That’s how we started What The Hell Wednesday. Who are we kidding? That’s pretty much how we decide on almost everything. If you want to play along, grab our button on the sidebar, link up to us in your post and don’t forget to sign in to McLinky below. Really, what the hell?


I’m still waiting to hear from the store about the wormy pizza dough. Except for a grumpy voicemail where I was told they were looking into it and would call me when they had something I would understand. Apparently, I’m an idiot and wouldn’t understand. I was smart enough not to eat wormy pizza dough. What the Hell?? How long does it take? I guess it’s time for another email, phone call or a visit. An “I’m sorry there were worms in your pizza dough” would be freakin’ awesome.

One of our cats has started hiding every night when it gets close to bedtime. He knows that he’ll get put downstairs so he hides under my bed. What The Hell cat??? I really don’t want to have to crawl under my bed and drag you out every night. But if I don’t, sometime in the night he’ll hop on my bed and climb all over me. Stop hiding!



Yesterday “Thing 2” comes home and says, “Mom, I need $5.00 for a new agenda, I lost my other one.” WHAT THE HELL?? This will be the SECOND agenda the kid has lost, and it’s not even October yet!!!  Seriously, What The Hell?  It’s not like it’s small, it’s actually a pretty big book that they have to have with them at all times!  They’re not even allowed to go to the bathroom without it.  I told him that I wasn’t going to pay for anymore agenda’s and that he needs to find it or spend his allowance for a new one!  Yep I’m mean, I know….he told me I was.

Today I went to stop at the grocery store, I pulled down one aisle, and put my blinker on to turn into the ONLY parking spot on the left hand side.  Some Jerkface comes down and pulls right into my spot!!  What The Hell??? I pulled into a different spot on the right, and got out of my car.  He gets out of his car, see’s me and suddenly is Mr. Super Nice Guy.  He says, “Oh did I take your spot??  I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were waiting for it.” To which I said, “Really?  The blinker didn’t give it away?” He tried to keep talking to me, but I was in no mood.  He’s lucky his tires still had air in them when he came out of the store….just sayin’

I am now in charge of supplies at work, basically I’m the supply Nazi.  I have to get people supplies and tell the Receptionist when she needs to order more.  Well we got in a box of supplies and when I checked it, something we needed were not in the box.  I emailed the Receptionist and she called me (I don’t know why she can’t just email me back). I answer the phone, “Hi Julie”, she says, “Hi it’s Julie”. Yep, I think we’ve established that, so she says, “You must of forgotten to tell me to order those folders, that’s why they weren’t there.” So I say, “Oh really, I did?  Let me look up my email I sent you with the list of things I asked for.” She says, “oh no no no no no, don’t worry about doing that, I must of forgotten to put it on my list, that must of been me not you.” What The Hell?  Why couldn’t you just admit that you forgot in the first place.  Don’t blame people when you do something wrong, it’s very annoying!  Especially since I really like being right!


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5 Responses to What The Hell Wednesday~51

  1. Anne says:

    Elle, it may not help, but I am sorry you found worms in your pizza dough. That is completely revolting!
    Stacy, maybe Julie really likes to be right too :). Maybe she was hoping you wouldn’t check. Maybe she just didn’t want to have misordered. I don’t know. That is why I always check before accusing someone else.

  2. Andrea says:

    I’ve missed WTH Wednesdays! Totally MY fault! See how I accept responsibility? 😉

    Supply Nazi. Love it. Kinda like the soup Nazi but on a totally more awesome scale. Cause we all know ‘they who control the pens’ have all the power.

    I still can’t even think about the wormy dough let alone look at your pictures. EW. I’d call and harass them. They owe you a refund, apology and more!

  3. Eileen says:

    Elle – Ew. Eweweweweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. Ew. WTH, crazy people, maybe be a weeeee bit sorry???????

    Stacy – The parking story reminds me of the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes where that happens to the main character. The girls get out of the car and say, “We’re just younger and faster!” She rams their car repeatedly, they come running back horrified, and she says, “I’m older, and I have more insurance!” and drives away 😀

  4. Mrsbear says:

    Elle: Wormy pizza dough?! That’s horrifying. You’d think they would wanna appease you as quickly as possibly before you decided to call in the local news crews…or worse, blog about it… 😉

    Stacy: I don’t miss working in an office, people love to point fingers. Glad to see you employ the CYA strategy with the receptionist. She doesn’t sound like the brightest bulb in the box. 😉

  5. Cassie says:

    Elle- WTH? Are they trying to come up with an explanation to cover their asses? Cause there is no good excuse for selling wormy pizza dough.
    Stacy-I started reading and thought I clicked onto last week by mistake. Seriously, he lost it again? SMH.

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