Mega Man Costume, Time Change & Holidays. Must be Random Tuesday Thoughts!

I’m so glad Halloween is over. Somehow I managed to get J-Man’s costume done in time for trick-or-treat. He wanted to be a video game character called Mega Man. Before Halloween I’d never even heard of Mega Man.

Here’s my Mega Man costume creation.


J-Man loved it! I do have to admit it came out way better than I thought it would. It’s amazing what you can do with some fabric, duct tape, and a pool noodle.

Anyone else amazed that it’s November? Since we already had our Thanksgiving I’m ready to move right on to Christmas. Guess I better take down my Halloween decorations first. Skulls and poinsettias don’t really scream Christmas cheer. Maybe I could put little Santa hats on the skulls, then they’d be all festive and stuff. I wouldn’t have to change my decorations that much. I don’t think the kids would really appreciate my merging of the holidays.

J-Man is still going to the First Lego League meetings. It’s gone from once a week to 3 nights a week and I think it’s going to involve weekends soon. They are gearing up for the big competition later this month. I think it’s a lot more than we all anticipated but it will be over soon. I don’t think J-Man will be ready to join anything else for a long time.

I’m still not used to the time change from the weekend. I’m waking up at my usual time but problem is that usual time is now an hour earlier than it was last week. I’m exhausted and ready for bed an hour earlier too. Maybe I’ll get used to it just in time for us to spring ahead. Anyone else still have a clock or two that hasn’t been changed yet? The clock in my truck is still showing an hour ahead and even though I know it, it still startles me when I get in and see the time. For a second I’m like “Crap! I’m late! Oh, wait, stupid clock is wrong.” But I still don’t fix it because it’s a pain to fix.

That’s it for me today. Don’t forget to stop on over and say hi to Stacy. She’s really holding down the fort on the this whole Random Tuesday thing despite all the crazy things going on in her life. She’s amazing!