Sleep Blogging and Zombie Rabbits Means it’s Time to be Random

Once again I’m sitting down to write a blog post when everyone is in bed and I’m about to fall asleep at any moment. Nothing says random like sleep writing. Too bad I couldn’t really write blog posts in my sleep. That would make my life so much easier. No more guilt about not posting. No more guilt about working on the blog instead of doing family stuff. Sleep blogging would solve everything. Maybe sleeping pills would help me with my sleep blogging. If you listen to all the side effects on the commercials people end up doing all kinds of things while taking them. If you can drive a car or raid your fridge, why couldn’t it help with sleep blogging? As soon as I figure out how to make it happen I’ll let you know.

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day outside so Snuffy wanted to go outside. Because we are such responsible cat owners, Snuffy has is only allowed out on a leash. He then proceeded to eat lots of grass and snort like a pig. Once he was back in the house he promptly yakked up all the grass on my rug and then took a long nap.  But hey, isn’t it all fun and games until someone throws up?


This is Snuffy before he ate all the grass and threw up.

Someone had posted a picture of this Chocolate Zombie Bunny on Facebook and J-Man saw it.

zombie chocolate bunny

Without missing a beat he said “That’s some dark chocolate”.  I love that kid.

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