No More Fun & Games & Our Cat is Dying

Stacy’s power came back on today so she’s back in the land of heat and technology. On the good side, they won’t get hypothermia and now I can talk to her on the phone tonight, (although, the conversation will be all about her, as usual). On the bad side, I have to stop the Let’s Learn More About Stacy Game I started. I thought for sure she’d be offline for a few more days. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Last week we had 2 days off from school for the parent teacher conferences. They went pretty much how I expected. J-Man is doing well in 1st grade, but he could try harder. He’s just not a big fan of school. Also, she mentioned his stubbornness, kind of along the lines of, “never met a child that stubborn before.” Hate to tell you, but he comes by that naturally. I’m sure I’ll be hearing that for the next 11 years! Then I got to read a paper he wrote. “I have a happy family. I’m sad because our cat is going to die soon.” I think the teacher thought I was crazy when I laughed out loud. Our cat isn’t dying and I have no idea where he came up with that one.  Sissy is also doing well. She’s very creative and is kind and helpful. All good things!

Yesterday J-Man’s finger got smashed in the bedroom door. He was running after Sissy and her friend and of course she didn’t want him in her room and slammed the door just as he had his hand there. What a bloodcurdling scream! He cried for a good 45 minutes and it was awful. I thought for sure it was broken, but I guess it’s not. It doesn’t look very pretty today, but he said it doesn’t hurt as long as he doesn’t use it. Since it’s his right hand I’m pretty sure he didn’t do much classwork in school today.

I’m sure Stacy will post all about her no power for almost 4 days. I know it totally sucked.