Happy Birthday Snuffy

Happy Birthday Snuffy

Collage of Snuffy a black and white cat

I’m feeling a little guilty because I wasn’t home for Snuffy’s Birthday this year, or last year. What kind of crazy cat lady am I? A slacker, that’s what. I’ll make it up to him on his 20th birthday and give him extra snuggles when I get home.

Happy 19th Birthday to the best cat anyone could ever have. We are so lucky we adopted this snorty snuffly little boy at Lollypop Farm all those years ago. He brings us so much joy and we couldn’t love that funny-faces little boy any more than we already do.

Meet Buttercup, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week!

Orange and white cat

Buttercup is a sweet 5-year-old cat who came to Lollypop Farm after he was found wandering in a field. He’s a bit shy, but he’s a sweet, calm fellow who loves gentle attention! Buttercup would be happy in a quiet home without young children. Stop by Lollypop Farm to meet Buttercup today! Learn more:www.lollypop.org/cats