Santa's Revenge

I got a Wii Fit and diarrhea for Christmas! Aren’t you all jealous as hell. Apparently, diarrhea is a gift that keeps on giving. I’m entering day 5 and there’s no end in sight, no pun intended. Things are okay until I eat any food, then it starts all over again. I’m living on Diet Pepsi and Gatorade. Just today my DH suggested the Diet Pepsi wasn’t good and maybe I shouldn’t drink it until I feel better. I heard they do face transplants in the USA now. 

The worst part is I’m starving, absolutely stomach rumbling famished. My food starved brain falls for the stomach rumbling and says “it’s okay, eat a little something, you should be okay by now.” Well, it’s not okay…not…at…all! It’s so much fun preparing meals that you can’t even eat. Love it.

DH has the whole week off and we had lots of things planned, plus our oldest DD is leaving for her Disney Internship next week, so there’s tons to do. But I’m not getting much done. DH has played countless games of Hannah Montana trivia, Boom Blox and Matchbox cars. He’s getting really competitive at the trivia. I think he’ll be signing up for the Hannah Montana Fan Club before too long.

The Wii Fit is great. I’ve been wanting one, but never thought I’d actually get one. DH super surprised me with that it. I tried it out the other day and got my Wii Fit age……31. Considering I haven’t seen 31 in a long time, I was pretty psyched. Unless they meant 31 in dog years.

Lucky for me Stacy got a computer for Christmas and has been taking up the slack by posting and dropping Entrecards like crazy.

Santa, next year could you just bring me coal instead?