Disney Time Wordless Wednesday

This week we are joining Deb from Focused on the Magic for a little Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Disney Style.

This week’s theme isDisney Time.Everything at Disney is Disney Time, from the attractions, to the parades and just sitting on Main Street eating an ice cream and watching the people go by. It’s all Disney Time.

A little up close and personal with Cinderella Castle.
Hop on over to Focused on the Magic for more fun Disney Themed Wordless Wednesday fun!

Focused on the Magic

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7 Responses to Disney Time Wordless Wednesday

  1. We usually do Disney every year and just got a discount ad and are seriously considering revisiting but with the whole new pool thing going on I’m not sure we can afford it so I’ll have to live vicariously through a Disney hop!

  2. KJay says:

    What a great angle- it’s amazing how the castle can change so much based on just a small change in perspective…

  3. Love this shot. The angle is so neat! Agree, any time is the perfect time for Disney!

  4. great picture of the castle! I love this angle!

  5. Andrea says:

    I want to go to Disney – not only because at least I wouldn’t need a scarf if I was there. I love the Mouse. We thought about taking the kids this spring, but it’s nearly a $1000 for a week of tickets. I’m going to live through you and your pictures instead….

  6. Great shot….very original! I love Cinderella’s Castle.

  7. What a lovely, awesome shot. I love the angle, it makes for a very original photograph!

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