Random Tuesday Thoughts



If it’s Tuesday this must be Random Tuesday Thoughts. Stop by, say hi and see what the Queen of Randomness, Stacy, is up to.


I’ve realized a few things this week. #1. just because the color on the hair color box says “blonde”, it doesn’t mean your hair will actually become blonde when you use it. It may turn bright orange with yellow roots. And then you have to wear a hat and go to Walgreens at 12:30 am in your pajamas so you can get another box of hair color, cross your fingers and pray that your hair might come out semi-normal.

#2. If you leave ANYTHING around a puppy, they will eat it. This includes, your credit card, your phone charger, the remote control (yet again), socks, a few bras and of course shoes. And, puppies get bigger and bigger, so where you normally hide stuff, they can start to reach it. Damn puppy.

#3. There’s a lot of turkey’s out on the road this time of year. And I don’t mean idiot drivers (because those are always out), I mean the one’s with feathers, and they like to run out in front of your car and make you yell, “holy shit Turkey!”

#4. Every morning when I throw my change into the toll I say, “thank yooooooou” very sarcastically since it always takes a minute to count my 75 cents. Every one in the car thinks it’s funny that I yell at the toll booth like it can hear me. Whatever, it makes me feel better I guess.



Its sad when you can’t even think of random crap. I blame Mother Nature and her lame cohort in crime, Phil the Groundhog. Why do we even leave predicting spring up to a rodent? Last week I saw a little robin hopping around in the snow and I know he was thinking all “WTH is this crap? Stupid groundhog!”

I wish I had a housekeeper that I didn’t need to pay. Oh, wait, that’s me. I seriously need to be fired. I totally suck at housecleaning and I have a bad attitude. I would never hire me to clean so you can imagine what I’m like when I’m not even getting paid.

The kids have spring break next week and it’s soooo early. They’re happy now but they’ll be complaining when they realize they have over 2 months left of school before summer vacation. Wait, they always complain. They’ll just be complaining more.

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