My Little Pony and Build A Bear!

Last week I received this email from Build-A-Bear. My Little Pony at Build-A-Bear?? Shut the front door!


We used to spend a lot of time at Build-A-Bear when my kids were younger but they’ve slowly transitioned to other things. But, as soon as I saw they had Hasbro My Little Ponies I knew Sissy would want one or both of them. I was totally right. She went to the mall and Build-A-Bear the very next day.


She came home with Pinkie Pie and is hoping to get Rainbow Dash while he’s still available. My 14 year old loves My Little Ponies.




Jezebel loved Pinkie Pie too!



George loved Pinkie Pie a little too much.


It started to get a little awkward so Georgie is no longer allowed to play with Pinkie Pie.



He is fascinated with her mane and tail and wants to eat them. I think he’s just dazzled by her adorableness.



This post is purely my opinion. I did not receive compensation of any kind. We just love My Little Pony and Build-A-Bear.