Is it Meow Monday Again?

Another Meow Monday again spent on the road heading back home. We had a fun visit with family and it’s always so hard to leave. Definitely one of the worst parts of living far away from family.

Speaking of far away from family, our second oldest daughter has moved to Virginia and now she’s far away from us too. Not as far as our oldest daughter is in Nebraska, but still too far. At least I still have our youngest daughter and son at home.

I’m trying to look on the bright side. For the first time ever we will have an extra bedroom in our house! I’m looking forward to planning and decorating our new guest room/home office. Hmmm.. can’t wait to have an office to escape to for blogging.

Before she left, she took our cat Snuffy out for one last walk. He loves going out for walks and DD was always the one who took him out. He’s going to miss DD and the walks they took together.



Meow Monday with Snuffy walking on his leash


Meet Midnight, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week



Midnight is a pretty 2 year old female domestic shorthair mix. She’s a little bitty thing, barely a lapful, but she’s ready to take on the big job of being your new best friend. Come meet Midnight at Lollypop Farm!

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2 Responses to Is it Meow Monday Again?

  1. Limeade Gal says:

    Happy to have connected with you via Twitter.
    Best wishes to your daughter as she heads out on new adventures.
    Your cat is adorable, I bet he will miss DD.

    Do you run a pet rescue for cats? I’m a huge cat lover <3

    Have a beautiful week!
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    • Elle says:

      Thanks for stopping by from Twitter! I don’t run a cat rescue, although my husband might say otherwise, LOL! I work at our local humane society and let’s just say sometimes I bring my work home with me đŸ˜‰

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