Random Fun Anyone?

Random Fun Anyone? Anyone?

This past weekend we traveled to Massachusetts again. This time it was for my niece’s wedding. She was an absolutely beautiful bride and it was a perfect evening. So happy we were able to be there for their special day.

One of the fun things about being back home in Massachusetts are the words you will only hear or see in New England. Like jimmies, you never hear that word in New York. We were at our favorite ice cream stand and the woman next to me ordered an ice cream cone with jimmies. If you’re not from New England do you know what jimmies are?

Then we spotted this sign in the local grocery store (no, not Market Basket)

Random Fun Anyone - New England calls it tonic not soda

Tonic in Aisle 4, no pop or soda here.

This is also the grocery store where I had my first job and met my husband some 30+ years ago, I was a cashier and he worked in the deli. As we walked around the store I said “Does this bring back any memories?” and he said “Ya, they knocked down that wall and took over the liquor store that used to be next door.” Ahhh, romance in the grocery store aisles.

Sunday we headed over to my brother’s house for a cookout. We had a great time visit with him, my sister-in-law, and the rest of the family. My brother held out for years against getting a cell phone and wasn’t a big fan of texting. Apparently, he also hates games you play on your cell phone so he invented this game he calls Words with “Real Life” Friends. Thanks to his Twisted Tea bottle caps.

Random Fun Anyone - Words with "Real Life" Friends

I had to get a few pics of the pond he has in his front yard. It’s so pretty and relaxing to sit there and listen to the water and watch the fish.

Random Fun Anyone - Water Feature in my brother's yard


Random Fun Anyone - water feature in my brother's yard

It’s been like forever since I’ve been able to join Stacy for some random Tuesday fun. Stop on over and say hi and see what randomness she’s come up with for today.


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4 Responses to Random Fun Anyone?

  1. VandyJ says:

    Don’t know exactly what jimmies are. Western girl here. I like the P’nut butter on the sign as well as the tonic.
    VandyJ recently posted…Let’s Get RandomMy Profile

  2. I’m with Vandy – not quite sure what jimmies are…Northwest girl, here! 😉 I’m guessing they are sprinkles? 🙂 I also noticed (and liked) the abbreviation as “P’nut” – saw nothing unusual about “tonic” until you explained that’s what us Northwesterner’s refer to as ‘pop’. Though I still call it ‘soda’ since that’s what they call it in PA – but I imagine it’s only a matter of time before I’m back to calling it ‘pop’ again. 😉

    I LOVE the game your brother made up! Very creative!!

    And I LOVE the pond! I miss our pond -we’re talking about putting one here at our new house to enjoy. 🙂
    Stacy Uncorked recently posted…Kitty Condo Wrestling: RTT RebelMy Profile

    • Elle says:

      Yup, jimmies are sprinkles. I still call it tonic or soda. Can’t seem to bring myself to say pop. A lot of people here call it pop. We had fun playing my brother’s game. I’d love to see pictures if you put in a pond!

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