Time For Change

 Time For Change

Roadtrips give you a lot of time to think because you’re  stuck in the car for hours on end. What else is there to do besides snack? Lots of snacking. This roadtrip gave me time to think about a lot of stuff. Namely, what I want to do with, and about, my blog.

I feel like I’ve had writer’s block for the past year or more. Every time I sit down to write, nothing comes to me. Just my inner voice telling me that there’s nothing for me to write, it’s just boring shit anyway, and who, besides your mother, is even going to read it and she’s going to be mad because you used the “S” word. Then I give up and walk away. I think it was easier when I first started because not too many friends and family knew about the blog. I could write what I wanted without wondering what someone might think, or say, or be unintentially offended by what I wrote.  

But, I feel like I’ve more than reached the age where I can write what I want without worrying what someone else’s reaction might be. Not that I’m looking to write scathing blog posts about people I know or work with, but I feel like I’ve been walking a line of pure vanilla to try not to offend anyone and it isn’t working for me. It’s boring to write, which means it’s boring to read. 

So, what the hell. I might as well start writing for me again. Maybe the writer’s block will disappear, maybe not, but I think it’s worth a try. 

Boundaries are another issue I’ve thought a lot about on this roadtrip. I need to set some personal boundaries and stick to them. Home and family time is just that, and deserves my full focus. Setting aside time to blog and to just focus on the task at hand, not try to juggle 5 different things while I’m blogging, and to leave more of my work at work. 

I’m sure I will have to keep working on all of the above, especially when I go back to work and the kids go back to school. It’s always easier in summer with longer days, no homework, and less stress, but these 2 weeks have me feeling good about the possibilities and it’s time for change.