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I'm Going to Kill My Son

Okay, maybe not literally kill him….let me start at the beginning.   Tonight I ran to Domino’s with my 9 year old to get pizza.  I was gone exactly 15 minutes.  I pull in the driveway, and a city Police Officer … Continue reading

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You're Doing It Wrong

 Okay, this is my “Before” picture.  Yep that’s me, the once invisible Stacy over here at BMB.  I’ve come out of hiding I guess, and now you all can see what I look like, or looked like, because today I … Continue reading

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More Torture for Women

The other day I ran to the grocery store to get some milk.  Of course that’s not all I got.  I walked past a bin with a sign that said 75% off, so of course I had to check it … Continue reading

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Enhanced Email

At my work we recently changed email providers.  The whole idea behind it was to have more security, more memory and overall better service.  Well, it has been different , but I wouldn’t say better.  Although there is some enhancement … Continue reading

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Letter to Sissy's Teacher

Dear Sissy’s Teacher, You assigned “What I Did over Thanksgiving Break” for homework last night. As I was packing up Sissy’s backpack this morning in our mad dash nice and stress free way to catch the bus, I saw this assignment. What she … Continue reading

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