I Heart My Dishwasher…Happy Anniversary!

Yes it’s true. I love, love, love my dishwasher. It’s not even the newest high end model. Nope we’ve had it for 7 years this month. Who remembers their dishwasher’s anniversary? Apparently, I do. You see when we moved into this house there wasn’t a dishwasher. I don’t know what I was thinking. I hate, absolutely despise, washing dishes. Just ask anyone in my family. I have even moved with a box of dirty dishes because the new apartment had a dishwasher and the old one didn’t. So on that glorious October day my husband came home with our Maytag dishwasher I was overjoyed! He installed it and I’ve been in love with our dishwasher ever since. I haven’t washed anything by hand in years. Everything goes in there. If I could give the kids or the pets a bath in it I would. I’m not ashamed. But this got me to thinking about the inventor of the dishwasher, my personal hero. I googled “dishwasher inventor” and to my surprise and delight I found out the dishwasher inventor was a woman! You go girl! Her name was Josephine Cochran and she invented and patented the very first dishwasher way back in 1886. She showed her invention at the Chicago World’s Fair and started her very own dishwasher company that eventually became Kitchen Aid. So next time you load your dishwasher you can thank Josephine for inventing this wonderful machine.