Our 4 Days From Hell

I’m finally able to sit down and write about the horrible 4 days without electricity.  I’m not sure how funny it’ll be, but I’ll try.  We lost our power at 3am on last Friday morning, and everything was coated in ice.  Our house is surrounded by huge pine trees, and woods beyond that.  It was pitch dark, of course, and all you could hear was a noise that I can only describe as gun shots, and then loud “whooshes”.  It was the sound of trees and branches snapping and falling to the ground.  It was awful to hear and not know where they were falling around you.  There was also a loud snap out front which was our telephone wire being torn off the house.  Luckily for us we had a lot of branches and trees down, but none were on our house.  In the morning we drove to both our parents houses and borrowed a generator.  We were thinking the whole time that we wouldn’t need it, it wouldn’t last long.  Boy were we wrong!  The generator could run 2 tv’s and 2 heaters.  Although the kids playroom was the only warm room.  We kept that door closed to keep in all the heat.  The living got down to 50 degrees, way too cold for me.  DH finally took my advice on Day 3 and hung sheets up to keep the heat in the living room.  Of course the rest of the house was freezing!  Everytime I had to pee I would go in the bathroom and decide I didn’t have to go that bad, a kidney infection wouldn’t be as bad as sitting on that freezing cold toilet!  Everyday we waited for the power gods to come.  We started to look like refugees.  And we had that “crazy” look in our eyes!  I think I took it the hardest, I’m not a fan of camping, lack of comfort, or the cold.  I had reached my limit on the 4th day.  I either was going to abandon my DH and go to my mom’s or I would of turned into Jack Nicholson in “The Shining“.  Thank god it came back.  Four days of being in a cold house with your family will turn any normal sane mother crazy!
There was some good during that time, our next door neighbors had a wood stove and hot water!  So, on one of the coldest days all the neighbors came over and they cooked breakfast and we took turns taking a hot shower.  Without them I probably would of lost it a lot sooner.  The kids were fine about it too!  They had their t.v., ds’s and Wii.. what more do you need?  And every night we had to have take-out!  In those days we ate McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and KFC.  To them that is just wicked awesome!  And DH didn’t mind much at all either.  What is wrong with these people????
After the power came back on I checked on our site here and noticed Elle had made fun of me a bit, I wasn’t surprised.  Leave it to Elle to make fun of me when I couldn’t read what she was doing!   Although she knows I soooo would of done the same thing!  I was surprised that she didn’t write anything that bad!  Or posted a picture of me wearing a wig and sunglasses that I wore when I would sing to “Grease“.  Yes, I am a dork, and this morning when I was driving to work “You’re the One That I Want”  came on the radio and I still sang and danced to it!  DORK!  When I went to write this tonight I noticed a draft she wrote that she never posted.  It was about me, again, not really surprised.  One thing in her post made fun of something that I want, and since she didn’t post it, I will.  Here is the question:  Which one of the following items do I want??
A.  A Chia Pet
B. The Clapper
C. A BeDazzler
D. Aqua Globes