Say What??

The other day my son said something really cute and funny.  It got me thinking that I really should write these things down, otherwise I will never remember what they were.  So I’ve decided to share with you all funny things that my boys say or have said.  Most have been said by our youngest.

My taste bugs have changed – this is still used by my 8 year old when referring to food his likes or dislikes.

No Cheese Poppa – we have a whole video of this when our youngest was 2 years old or so, and my father is trying to take a video of him.  The whole time he kept saying that, which I guess meant he didn’t want his picture taken!

My oldest son started wearing that Axe Deodorant spray, well, my youngest has speech problems and couldn’t say Axe correctly, although in his mind he was, here is the conversation, “wow that Ass Deodorant Spray smells good, can I have some Ass Spray too?”  Yes, Ass Deodorant Spray, it still makes me laugh.

Speaking of speech issues when he was probably 4 years old he couldn’t say the “ch” sound.  We were over my friend’s house waiting for the school bus when she brought out some chalk.  So, that started a whole conversation that I thought was going to make my friend die laughing.  “Wow, that’s big caulk you have!  We have caulk at my house, but our caulk isn’t as big as your caulk, your caulk is really big!”  Yes it sounded dirty and funny!

A few years ago he asked me why girls have big balloons, and boys didn’t have balloons.  When he got older he started hearing words I would of rather he not have heard.  But he heard the technical word for a boy’s parts (see I don’t use it, I use PeePee), but he heard that wrong too.  When his older brother hit him there one time he exclaimed, “Ow! You hit me in my peanuts”  My husband and I started laughing (I know good parenting, laugh first, ask if you are okay second).  Then he had heard someone refer to his other parts as nuts.  Not a fan of that either, but he got it wrong again and said, “my coconuts are bothering me”.    Another funny conversation occurred when we signed him up for football.  At the sign up they said he needed to have a cup to play.  On the way to the car he said, “I can use my big water bottle for football”, and I agreed.  He then continued with, “well she said if I don’t have a cup I can’t play”.  Oh!  Not that type of cup!  I explained what kind of cup they were talking about, and where it goes.  With a disgusted look on his face he says, “my coach doesn’t put that on me does he?”.  Uh, no, if he did, there would be a problem!!  Our oldest came home from school one day and said they had learned about “Optimistic” kids.  After asking him many questions I came to realize he meant “Autistic” kids.

Lastly the other night when our 8yr old was reading a book about a bird trying to teach a duck to sing he read, “tweet, tweet, tweet”.  And then said, “hey I’m singing like a Canadian”.  Um no honey, like a canary !  I’m sure when he grows up, he’ll really appreciate me writing about the funny, cute things he used to say!